Sunday, October 30, 2011

Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences

Final Suggestive Question Paper For Term End Examination December-2011
Note: Answer any two Questions from DCQ and any four from MCQ. Question No.13 is compulsory.
         Descriptive category questions (DCQ)
        Answer any two of the following questions in about 500 words each. 20X2=40
1. Describe the main features of the post - industrial society. 20
2. Discuss the Renaissance in Europe. Was it merely a revival of ancient learning? 20
3. Compare and contrast the civil disobedience movement and the non - co – operation movement.or Give a detailed account of the mass movements Launched by Mahatma Gandhi after the First World War.
4. Describe the plight of orphaned, destitute and delingnent children. Did the Juvenile Justice Act of 1986 takes care of their plight.
5. Discuss the characteristics feature of the Harappan Civilization?  Why did it decline?
6. What do you understand by secularism? What are the main problems of promoting secularism in India?
7. Discuss the educational status of Indian women.
8. Discuss the factors which led to the growth of industrial revolution in England.
9. Give a detailed account of the socio-religious movements in the nineteenth century India.
10. Explain the fundamental Right as given in the Indian constitution.
Middle category Question (M CQ)
        Answer any four of the following questions in around 250 words each. 12X4=48
1. Discuss the Delor's report on education and values submitted to the U.N or Is militarism a threat to our eco-system? Discuss. 12
2. Discuss the different theories of social stratification.12
3. What do you understand by the term 'de-industrialization' in the colonial context? 12
4. Highlight the key issues in modern governance.12
5. What do you understand by the term 'digital - divide’? Explain.
6. Discuss the different concerns debated in the context of review of the Indian constitution.or Discuss the major areas of conflict and tension between centre and states in Indian federal system.12
7. What do you understand by the term 'planning'? Discuss. Or. What are the major successes and failures of planning in India? 12
8. Write a brief note On the Modern Indian Painting. 12
9. Explain the term, Race, and ‘Racism`. Do they have any scientific basis? Explain.
10. How did the social organization of humans change after they adopted agriculture? Discuss. Or Describe the impact of commercialization of agriculture of Indian peasantry.
11. Discuss the main social reform movements in the nineteenth century India.
12. Discuss the various steps taken to eradicate rural and urban employment in India.
13. Discuss the major changes made in the land revenue system by the British in India.
14. Give a brief account of the directive principles of state policy.
15. Evaluate the social role of voluntary organization in India.
Short category questions (SCQ)
13. Write a short note any two of the following questions in abound 100 words each. 6+6
(a) De-notified Tribes
(b) The meaning of Environment
(c) Food Security
(d) Disinvestment since 1991.
(e).the magical of knowledge
(f).Drain of wealth of India.
(g). the process of sanskritisation.
(h).women and adverse sex ratio in India.
(i).Neolithic Revolution.
(j). Mixed Economy.
(k). Women and adverse sex ration in India.
(l). Importance of Eco-systems.

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